CSGO players have been asking for this map so much, but once it showed up, virtually no one wants to play it?

The CS:GO community was very vocal about adding Tuscan to the rotation. When the map became available, people seemed to not care anymore.

CS:GO players wanted the map replacement very badly. When this one came out, it verified the community’s words. Many people from different regions of the world show similar screenshots showing the length of the queue on Tuscan.

In their opinion, this proves that people didn’t really want the map at all in order to play on it, but for anything to be changed. Of course, these are far-fetched conclusions based solely on queue times.

Does nobody want to play on Tuscan?

Tuscan actually has a long waiting time, even in Europe. The reality in this case doesn’t seem to go on par with what players have previously declared.

The question is whether this is the case everywhere, or only in selected regions and at the right time. Many people comment that the waiting time is different depending on the hour.

However, if Valve sees similar values, it could mean a slight problem in the future to get what the community wants. It would turn out that the words of players don’t translate too much to the CS:GO community as a whole.