CSGO’s latest update is focused on celebrating its 5th anniversary

Today a new update was rolled out to CS:GO, which unfortunately doesn’t bring much new.

The update is not very big, its total weight is a dizzying 20MB. It can be expected that not too many things have been added. By default, the whole thing weighs 20MB, so it should be obvious to many gamers that Valve has simply made language fixes.

In addition, the developers are somehow celebrating the 5th anniversary of the game’s release in China. And while it’s aimed at the community there, the news can be purchased by everyone.

Celebrate CS:GO’s 5th birthday in China with a new music pack.

Music pack and that’s it

A new music pack has been introduced to the game. Somewhere people rumored that it would be available only to Chinese players, but anyone can buy it. Is it worth it?


Most people will simply skip this update, i.e. they won’t even pay attention to it, and it’s hardly surprising. One music pack is not amazing news.