Here are the most valuable CSGO accounts that have been banned in the past few days

The last few days in CS:GO have been quite interesting. Valve has been banning cheaters, taking consequences against toxic people and those who behaved incorrectly.

At first, everyone thought that Valve was banning cheaters exclusively. After time, it became clear that they have also targeted players who had so far avoided the consequences of toxic and incorrect behavior.

Valve banned a lot of people, as a result, there were even lists showing those most valuable accounts that had to say goodbye to CS. This shows the scale of the wave of bans that has passed and continues to pass through Global Offensive.

The most interesting banned accounts

The list of the most interesting accounts is quite long. The layout of the whole thing is simple – a link to the account and the items held.

It can be seen that people have really lost valuable accounts, some lost several, a dozen, or even tens of thousands. Karambit | Doppler P1, Hand Wraps | Cobalt Skulls Classic | Case Hardened Shadow Daggers | Marble Fade Karambit | Marble Fade Talon | Doppler P1, Driver Gloves | Black Tie Bayonet | Doppler P2, Hydra Gloves | Case Hardened Huntsman | Marble Fade, Driver Gloves | Racing Green, Bayonet | Black Laminate Huntsman | Doppler P2 Bowie Knife | Ultraviolet, Ursus | Night Stripe Bowie Knife | Tiger Tooth, Driver Gloves | Overtake, Shadow Daggers | Tiger Tooth M9 Bayonet | Slaughter, Hand Wraps | Duct Tape Sport Gloves | Vice Gut Knife | Black Laminate Ursus | Marble Fade Shadow Daggers | Forest DDPAT, Hydra Gloves | Rattler Bowie Knife | Tiger Tooth, Karambit | Night Gut Knife | Night, Hand Wraps | Cobalt Skulls BFK | Forest DDPAT, ST Falchion | Vanilla, Huntsman | Forest DDPAT, Gut Knife | Ultraviolet,
x6 C9 | DH ’14 (Holo), x5 NaVi | DH ’14 (Holo), x4 VP | DH ’14 (Holo),
x8 Fnatic | DH ’14 (Holo), x5 Dignitas | DH ’14 (Holo) Bowie Knife | Doppler P1 Specialist Gloves | Mogul x2 Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox Bowie Knife | Slaughter Shadow Daggers | Marble Fade Bayonet | Autotronic Bowie Knife | Stained Bowie Knife | Gamma Doppler P4 M9 Bayonet | Ultraviolet BFK | Gamma Doppler P4 Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat AWP | Graphite Karambit | Black Laminate Flip Knife | Black Laminate Huntsman | Doppler P4, Specialist Gloves | Mogul, M4A1-S | Printstream Gut Knife | Forest DDPAT Classic Knife | Forest DDPAT Bowie Knife | Slaughter Huntsman | Tiger Tooth, Driver Gloves | Overtake Stiletto | Marble Fade, Hand Wraps | Arboreal Huntsman | Freehand Bowie Knife | Gamma Doppler P2, Huntsman | Autotronic, Hydra Gloves | Emerald Nomad | Boreal Forest, Bayonet | Ultraviolet, Moto Gloves | Turtle, Stiletto | Damascus Steel Gut Knife | Scorched

One should be aware that this is probably not the end of the story. Every day there is new information about banned people and the number of accounts that have been completely banned from CS.