Gamers have tested which processor is best for CSGO. How much can you really gain by changing your hardware?

Sometimes gamers worry that they won’t feel the difference after switching to a new processor. The results may surprise you.

Every few years it is worth refreshing your computer components. Especially the processor, because it has a huge impact not only on the daily use of the PC, but also on gaming. This is perfectly shown by all the charts.

Many people gain a few hundred FPS after replacing it. Of course, this comes at a cost, but the difference between 100 and 500 FPS is colossal.

What kind of hardware for CSGO?

One of the players showed the results of the tests that were conducted. You can perfectly see what is worth investing in, and what is not necessarily worth the money. Of course, you have to take into account that these are not official data from Valve.

If you have something older, it’s worth considering a replacement in some cases. If you see your CPU here and you have less FPS than you should, then you need to look into the other components.