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Forsen, the popular Twitch streamer fails in CSGO. It’s as if he tried to repeat the worst play of the decade

Earlier this year, the ESL began voting for the “worst move of the decade”. Then Summit1g won with his play using the Molotov cocktail.

Summit’s play is already legendary, it is known to almost every CS: GO player. Let us remind you that the former professional player in 2016 moved into a Molotov cocktail that could not be overlooked.


It was this play that was chosen the worst action of the decade and it is hardly surprising. Now Forsen, another streamer has done something similar.

A streamer mishap in CS: GO

Forsen did something similar. He threw a Molotov, then just went right into it. The clip, of course, immediately went viral, so far over 50,000 people have seen it for several hours.


This shows that this type of action happens even to the best and most popular players. Forsen has over 1.6 million followers on Twitch, so he is definitely not just a random person.