CSGO x Battlefield 2042. The new CS update adds a capsule with BF stickers to the game

Today CS: GO has received a rather unusual update, introduced in cooperation with Battlefield.

The entire description of today’s update is only a dozen words long, it’s just one sentence informing that a new sticker capsule has been added to CS: GO.

There would be nothing surprising in this, if not for the fact that these stickers do not come from the world of CS: GO. They are created in cooperation with Battlefield, and this is a big surprise.

CS:GO x Battlefield 2042

Will something more will come out thanks to this cooperation? At the moment it is very hard to say. Nevertheless, it is still a very interesting novelty.

The opinions of players on this subject are incredibly different, but the majority asks a similar question:

Interestingly, leaks about it appeared a few days ago, but no one believed them too much.