CSGO streamer opened the most expensive capsule worth nearly $ 12,000. The most expensive sticker with the price of the apartment

One popular CS:GO streamer decided to open a crate worth $12,000.

ohnepixel is a popular CS:GO streamer who decided to open the most expensive capsule in the game during his broadcast. It was a capsule from Katowice back in 2014. Today the cost of this capsule is about $12 thousand.

Most of the stuff in this capsule costs several hundred dollars each at this point. It is practically impossible to make a reasonable profit on it. However, there is one exception. Among all the stickers there is one worth about $50,000.

Very expensive opening

Hitting the Titan Katowice 2014 sticker comes at a price of $50,000.

How did the story end? Well, it was really close.


The streamer was so annoyed that he went on Twitter and took the observation away from NiP, the team whose sticker he claimed. Ultimately, he lost tens of thousands of dollars.