CSGO players started seeing skulls on one of the maps. It looks disturbing to say the least

If something like this appeared in Valorant, it would of course be a preview of a new character or a new map. In CS:GO, it’s not common to occur.

Valve is not announcing any news with map changes, which is why players are surprised to find some strange textures on Vertigo. This is probably a rather disturbing bug, but Valve has not yet commented on it.

The confusion around this texture is pretty big, as no one knows what’s going on. However, it shows the potential of CS: GO. It only takes a little thing to trigger discussions – what if developers were just using things like this to announce skins or modes?

Skulls in CS: GO

The most accurate photo was originally posted by a Reddit user “CaesiummuiseaC” who shows one of the walls on Vertigo.

What can you see here? “Pattern”, some kind of graphic bug that puts the skull artwork on top of objects. Why the skulls? Good question.

Such a phenomenon is not extremely rare and should not be taken as an announcement. Checking the consistency of the files should help.