Cheaters spoiled CSGO so much that Valve reacted. The new update has fixed this exploit

Today, a much-anticipated update has arrived in CS: GO that fixes one of the most annoying exploits to come out in recent years.

Cheaters found a way to take advantage of a bug from 5 years ago. The number of people using a C4 exploit has increased in recent days. This one allowed the bomb to be blown up immediately. A whole bunch of videos with this error appeared on Youtube.

If you don’t know what’s going on, it looks like this:


The new CS: GO update fixes that

Quite unexpectedly, after a few days, CS: GO received an update that removes this exploit. Players are shocked because after all, we are talking about Valve – a studio that can be fixing something for months.

As you can see, it was enough to completely spoil CS: GO to get the developers’ attention. There are a lot of all sorts of bugs and exploits in the game itself that players are now happily listing. Perhaps this one situation will cause the devs to fix the game more, but you shouldn’t count on it too much.