Tuscan, the new version of the CSGO map, is already “impressive”. It looks very good

A new version of the Tuscan map is still in development. Its author periodically publishes little hints of what to expect.

Tuscan is constantly being refined. The creator of the new version himself writes that it took him more time than he expected. This is due to the desire to fine-tune everything so that the map can jump into tournament modes right away.

There is a good chance that Tuscan will replace one of the current locations – although there is no evidence yet, professional and casual players have no doubts that there may be something to it.

What does Tuscan look like today?

There are four new screenshots on the web that show the huge potential of the map. The location has a very interesting atmosphere that players appreciate.

Unfortunately, there is still no specific beta date, but as we read on Twitter, it should appear soon, or at least that’s what “catfood” hopes will happen.

For now, all that remains is to wait and hope that the new version of Tuscan will meet all the expectations of the community.