All the skins from the new case that came to CSGO. Revolution Case features 17 new skins

After a long wait, something has finally appeared in CS:GO. The developers have released a new crate.

The new update is mainly a crate that brings some freshness. A total of 17 different skins have been put in it. There is also a sticker capsule, which contains 21 works from different artists.

Naturally, players can also get a new “Denzel Curry – ULTIMATE” music pack. The whole thing can be listened to:


New weapon skins

As for all possible skins, they have been collected in one place. This way you can immediately see whether something interests you or not:

So far, the community rates these skins rather average. It’s often said that it’s a “weeb” box, and Valve itself has focused too much on Valorant and is trying to pick skins that are very popular there.