A very good idea according to players is returning to CSGO after a year. It is still very much supported

A year ago, players suggested to Valve that they should be allowed to add some changes to the skins.

There are such proposals in CS:GO that maintain their popularity the same after a few weeks, months or years. In this case, there is no question of a decline in support for a concept that was proposed a year ago.

The players’ idea is to gently change the skins based on the colors of the players in question. This is not an amazing thing, but according to the community, it is a nice touch.

Proposal from a year ago

This concept was recently recalled, and it is clear that it still has support. Of course, the opposing team would not see it.

Simple, it would not be too time-consuming to fulfill, but first of all, Valve would have to want to fulfill this idea. So far it doesn’t seem to be happening, but who knows – maybe developers will look more kindly on this kind of thing after the transition to Source 2 – if it ever happens, of course.