A major CSGO update is already on Steam. Everyone expects it to be Counter-Strike 2

A major new CS:GO update has been sensed on Steam. Everyone expects this to be about the transition to Source 2.

There have been a lot of theories and rumors around CS:GO lately. Many sources have confirmed that a beta for Counter-Strike 2, a title that is a porting of CS:GO to a new engine, specifically Source 2, should be released in March.

Many people have commented on the subject. The masses of people are even convinced that this is actually true. Indeed, a lot of people believe that CS2 is true and Valve is already just waiting for the release of the update.

And this update may have just appeared

Users on Reddit are reporting that a major update has appeared in the files of Steam. Potentially, it is CS2, although naturally there is no 100% certainty.

It’s getting more and more interesting, and the excitement is only growing and growing by the day. People are speculating about when it might be released. It will certainly be fun if Valve actually prepared something like translation fixes here, but the chances of that are rather low.

Players or people connected to CS:GO in general point out that, all rumors aside, it’s strange that there is still no information about the Major.

Potentially, the reason may just be the desire to introduce Counter Strike 2.