The weirdest COD Warzone cheater, who pretended to the end on the stream that he did not know what was going on

Cheaters are very different, some admit to cheating instantly and without major problems, others deny it even when caught red-handed.

Cheaters usually only cause anger, sometimes maybe pity. There are also cases when the cheater is so weird that it’s hard not to laugh at it. This is exactly how it was this time. The players could not miss creating a short material devoted to the cheater.

He was broadcasting on Twitch and convinced his viewers that he was not cheating at all. Obviously, it was a niche streamer whose career was instantly destroyed.

I’m not cheating, not at all

It all started with a streamer who recognized the cheats. Then the described cheater started to defend himself that he was not cheating at all. In the chat, people knew very well that he was using additional software, so they wrote him directly what he is supposed to disable.

The streamer, however, continued to pretend not to know what was going on. So he used his browser, which left no doubt.


Of course, using such software on your stream means two things. The first is, of course, a ban in COD Warzone itself. The second is a permanent ban on Twitch, without the possibility of coming back, with the prohibition of creating new accounts.