Sometimes you get scared when playing COD Vanguard, especially at night

Sometimes things happen in games that can scare you. Even if we find them quite funny at first.

Call of Duty Vanguard isn’t scary on its own. Sometimes, however, even in the least obvious games there are situations that can scare you. Especially when we do not expect them at all.

A Twitch streamer with the nickname “Metaphor” met with such a case, when he encountered an abnormally arranged body of an ally that entered the screen. Theoretically, there is nothing unusual about it.

Everything is fine as long as the figure…

At first the streamer found the situation funny, half the screen obscured by another character. After a while, however, the lying soldier woke up a little. It didn’t take long to hear the reaction.


Chat response was to be expected:

The clip quickly gained immense popularity, it was seen by nearly 90,000 people. Not surprisingly, this is definitely one of the least expected action in Vanguard.