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This is a new meta on Twitch. Streamer has found a way to efficiently circumvent the regulations once again

There were swimming pools, there was whispering into the microphone while lying on the bed, now it’s time for something else.

Soon Twitch may be overcome by the accelerating meta, which allows you to circumvent the rules, in particular points regarding clothing and its purpose. Let us remind you that, for example, you can be banned for wearing bathing suits, but only if they are worn outside the beach or swimming pool.

Now streamers have found a way to once again display all their qualities without breaking the ToS. How?

A game of Twister, simple and brilliant

Twister is a popular game that turns out to be perfect for streamers with visual-based content. The game contains weird, unnatural positions, sticking out, etc. In addition, you also have space to write donor nicknames.


Simple yet effective, you can now find a few streamers who have followed Amouranth’s footsteps by purchasing Twister.

So you can expect that “Twister in yoga leggings” will be more and more popular now. Just look at how TTV will have to make a separate category only for such broadcasts, to completely remove them from “Just Chatting”.