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The Twitch streamer has earned over $ 200,000 with one video where she shows…

One of the top streamers earned over 200,000 dollars by recording one video. As you might guess, the material was intended for adults.

The most popular Twitch streamers have often moved from TTV to OF. It was quite natural for some reason, especially for the women who streamed from the “pools”. Now it turns out that it was making huge profits.

Amouranth boasted that she earned over $ 200,000 with one video where she posed topless. It was available and still is for $ 39.

Over $ 200,000 for one video

With streamers complaining about earnings, others about Twitch deals, Amouranth just shows off her breasts, earning an abstract amount of money on it.

The video is the most popular of the streamer’s OF account. Although today she talks about burnout, irritation dictated by talks about her online, she still earns great money.