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Who pays the streamers the most? Twitch, Youtube or Facebook? Someone completely different gave the most

Streamers no longer have any reason not to talk about earnings. Especially that they do not provide amounts, but simply admit who gives the most.

At some point, many streamers switched to Facebook, which was mainly motivated by money and financial stability. Disguised Toast, one of the biggest influencers, told what it looks like from his perspective.

What are the differences?

Toast during one of the broadcasts mentioned that 2 years ago Twitch offered him 1/30 of what other platforms did. The position of TTV is so certain that the platform does not have to sign streamers for amazing money, and it works even today.

Youtube is expected to pay about twice as much as Twitch. Facebook about 3 times more. At least at this point in time, a lot has changed over the past few years. But someone else was paying the most. The toast uses an example of $ 100.

  • Twitch – $ 100.
  • Youtube – $ 200.
  • Facebook – $ 300-400.
  • At the end of this chain was Mixer. Microsoft’s platform no longer exists, merged with Facebook Gaming, while Mixer paid about 5 times more than Twitch, so in this case, it was $ 500.

You can see that these have dropped so much if the streamer mentions it was his current 1/30 two years ago.


However, it is worth mentioning that earning money on YouTube streams was impossible until recently. Now that is changing, YT is supposed to show ads during a broadcast, Facebook also did not offer many development opportunities.

Mixer has simply overdone it, although it is still not known what the contract between Mixer and FB Gaming looked like. Perhaps the Microsoft platform was ultimately not as loss-making as it seems.