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The Mushroom Bathtub Emote has been removed by Twitch as it was deemed adult content

Twitch concluded that the mushroom is 18+, so the emote was not accepted.

Twitch removes various emotes very often. Sometimes it’s easier to understand, sometimes you may scratch your head when you see the removed graphics. In this case, the latter scenario will be more appropriate. The platform decided that the icon of the bathing mushroom was inappropriate.

Perhaps one of the moderators was too overzealous, or perhaps there is actually something inappropriate, laden with adult content.

Twitch removes this emote

A streamer that has this emote set does not see any reason why it will not be accepted. It is funny because the mushroom emote without clothes passed without any problems.

It is hard to find any logic here, but the key element, in this case, may be water. It is also possible that Twitch is also about the context – a bathing character can be considered a reference to streamers in pools.

Oddly enough, TTV viewers have gotten used to the platform’s surprising decisions as much in the context of emotes as bans or warnings.