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Riot gifted the Twitch streamer 250 subs. And this in gratitude began to insult the LoL client

One of the most popular streamers received a rather unexpected gift from Riot. He was given 250 Twitch subscriptions from the official LoL account.

Riot does some pretty unusual actions at times. This time, Destiny, a streamer watched by nearly 700,000 people, received a total of 250 subscriptions from Riot. The studio spent around $ 1,247 on it.

Destiny is known to complain about LoL a lot, can really summarize Riot’s actions, and insult the game client a lot. Therefore, people were not very surprised by the streamer’s response.

Riot gifts 250 subs

Riot gifted a total of 250 subscriptions, in “packs” of 100 and 50 subs.

At first, the streamer didn’t seem to see it at all, but as the action in LoL calmed down, he noticed how many subs he had gotten.

And normally it might end there, but Destiny isn’t such a standard, docile streamer, so he took the topic further:


The chat response was obvious, the only emote that appeared for a good few minutes was only OMEGALUL. Destiny later added that it was a joke and loves Riot, but everyone knows this is hardly the case.

A lot can be said about the LoL client, the biggest streamers criticized it years ago. Even if you don’t watch Twitch at all, you definitely know xQc. He once said that the LoL client is an insult to all games and is surprised that it was made at all.


As a curiosity, it can be added that 10 years ago, threads with only one message were added on Reddit:

Riot is constantly working on the client, improving it every few months.