What are the first impressions of Battlefield 2042 Beta? Should EA consider another delay?

First impressions of the Battlefield 2042 beta tests. The community is not optimistic?

The beta tests of Battlefield 2042 have started and the players can check what EA Dice has prepared for them this time. After an unexpected delay that postponed both the release date and beta testing, it’s finally here.

From social media you can learn that a large part of the community is not optimistic about the BF premiere. What is the reason for this state of affairs?

Should Battlefield 2042 have a delayed release date?

The announcements of Battlefield 2042 were really ambitious and seemed to be something completely groundbreaking, which had not yet been seen in the computer games industry. A huge lobby with 128 players on one map and an exciting fight between the teams. All of this sounded really great until the beta tests started. It turned out that the BF 2042 has huge performance issues with severe frame rate drops and graphics issues.

Even players on highly advanced computer equipment have to deal with certain bugs related to the smoothness of the game. Another drawback is draw distance, which gamers say is bad even on cranked-up settings. As a result, it is difficult to spot an enemy that is more than a few meters away.

The community is also dissatisfied with the handful of ready-made classes that can be customized during gameplay. With each new round, the classes are reset and equipment must be rebuilt. This problem also occurs between respawns, which may not seem like a significant problem, but is certainly very annoying.

Gamers also report their dissatisfaction with the audio issues. Footsteps are hard to hear, especially since vehicle sounds are way too loud. Elements of the Battlefield 2042 project itself also turned out to be problematic, because even the HUD, and above all, navigating the options menu, changing equipment, or choosing a specialist, caused some difficulties.

The game is currently saturated with negative opinions and it is difficult to find any optimistic words about the production. The premiere of the game is to take place on November 19, but the number of errors and their importance is really significant. It is possible that EA Dice will not be able to deal with them and therefore it will be necessary to announce another delay.