A bug during the sponsored stream of Battlefield 2042. It really couldn’t have been worse

Battlefield 2042 really is a thankless game when it comes to sponsored streams where it is weird to criticize the game.

A similar situation used to be in Cyberpunk 2077. There, during the official broadcast, “T-Pose” errors appeared every now and then. Everyone then laughed at how it was possible to bring such a production to light.

Today, the same thing happens to Battlefield 2042. The difference is that Cyberpunk 2077 is patched efficiently, while BF has more trouble with it. The production of DICE came out in November 2021, and there are still some huge bugs in it.

A bug during the sponsored stream

Battlefield 2042 definitely does not have it easy lately. According to unofficial information, developers are even thinking about changing the business model and switching to F2P. A mishap is followed by another mishap, be it with the game modes or with what DICE promises.

It’s also not easy on sponsored streams, as shown by yesterday’s situation. The streamer just got stuck in the stairs.


The clip quickly went viral and gained over 150,000 views. Mainly because complaining about the latest BF is now popular. People either just stopped playing or keep trying and just getting irritated. The production on Steam already has over 50,000 negative reviews.