Riot takes steps against smurfs. A wave of bans on those accounts has begun

There are too many Smurfs in Valorant? Developers finally decided to deal with this problem.

The ranking system in Valorant is not perfect enough to effectively eliminate smurfs from the game. Therefore, the developers decided to deal with this problem in a slightly different way and started a wave of bans to combat incidents when more experienced players create new accounts and end up in one of the queues with newcomers.

What is known about the ban wave?

So far, Riot Games developers have not published too much information on this issue. At the moment it is known that they have recently started a wave of bans on accounts that “violated and/or broke” the rules of the game. You can find out about it on the social media of this title.

What accounts will be banned?

Developers have not specified which accounts will be banned in order to eliminate smurfs. In their post, they only published a link to the “Terms of Service” page. It is not known which points are meant to be focused on or how Riot intends to classify individual accounts as “smurfs”.

At the moment it is difficult to say what the creators of Valorant intend to do and whether it will actually be effective. Nevertheless, the effects of their actions should be visible in the near future.