League of Legends and other Riot games are on the Epic Store. Playing still requires a Riot client

League of Legends, LoR, TFT, and Valorant are on the Epic Store. What does it change? Good question.

Riot and Epic announced the joint promotion of the Arcane series. The cooperation means, among other things, adding Jinx to Fortnite and allowing you to download Riot games from the Epic Store.

Everyone was convinced that this was some new way to run games from Riot. It turns out that it is not.

Installing any game will also install the Riot client

If you decide to install, for example, LoL, the entire Riot’s client will be on your computers. So it is more like a promotion, an advertising banner. It is not possible to run Valorant from the Epic Store and bypass Riot’s client.

It was to be expected that it would look like this.

Players who already have accounts for these games will be able to log into them and use their existing friends list. Gamers around the world started accessing the new Riot client earlier this month.