A first look at the gameplay and abilities of the new character in Valorant. Neon trailer

Riot has already shared a preview of a new character that will be coming to Valorant soon.

You could have guessed that Riot would want to match the premiere of Neon with the announcement of a new heroine in League of Legends. These two characters are very similar to each other, some players even suggest that they will be connected in some way.

Either way, Riot has unveiled the first trailer that unveils a glimpse of Neon’s abilities. Not everything is known yet, and the full description will probably not appear for some time.

A preview of Neon, a new character in Valorant

The announcement consists mainly of shots of Neon herself. There is relatively little gameplay – about 7 seconds in total. It is known, however, that the Agent will certainly have a lot to do with speed, running, and avoiding shots.


Neon will surely bring a long-awaited breath of freshness. In terms of the skills themselves, these may or may not be revealed today.