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Twitch now lets you stream to other platforms, but there’s a big catch here

Twitch has partially changed its streaming policy that considers simulcasting

Twitch has made a very interesting decision to allow streaming to other platforms. In theory, this is a “gamechanger”, but not entirely. TTV still has no intention of allowing regular broadcasts on, for example, Youtube and Twitch, while also being a partner on TTV.

So what’s changing? The policy towards other platforms. Twitch sees that streamers want and in some cases even have to adapt to the prevailing trends and sometimes also participate in, for example, TikTok.

Twitch changes its exclusivity policy

The most important point that rumbles across the web considers streaming on platforms like TikTok or Instagram Live from time to time. There you can organize a stream without worrying about your partnership with Twitch.

This is a big change, but is it a breakthrough? It’s definitely interesting that TTV agreed to it. Until now, there was a very specific rule that you can stream only on Twitch. Perhaps this wall is slowly starting to crumble.