The popular Twitch streamer was banned for “searching for the remote” this way

One of the Twitch streamers was banned a few hours ago. Nobody will be surprised that this is for a rather specific reason.

Rather, Twitch has got everyone used to the fact that the platform sometimes bans various streamers for quite strange reasons. This time Meowko was banned and it looks like Twitch was concerned with how the streamer looked for the remote.

This is quite an unusual ban, and TTV probably saw it as suggestive content, although the action itself is not unusual. It took a few hours from the popularization of this clip for the platform to ban the streamer.

Ban for looking for a remote

The ban was imposed after the following clip began to gain popularity. Is there anything against the rules on it? Opinions differ.


At the same time, streamers show up in bathing suits, they stick out to the camera on purpose, and as you can see, such a random situation caused a ban. Unless, of course, it really is the reason for the ban. It is not known at the same time for how long Meowko was suspended.