This is how Twitch streamers vacuum now. And they are making sure that you can see it clearly

Streamers on Twitch often have a very well-defined target that they use without much scruples.

Twitch is a place where women often use their charms to gain viewers or temporary popularity. You can see it at every step, even during the seemingly trivial activity of cleaning.

It’s mainly about the fact that you can’t do things on Twitch that are obviously erotic. But why would someone forbid people from cleaning in leggings? Well, no one, the regulations will not regulate such specific things.

Cleaning on Twitch

You can clean up in different ways, this definitely is one of the most eye-catching:

This particular streamer has a lot of weird clips that have become really popular in recent weeks.

There are quite a few shots of this type there. Twitch has not decided to take any action yet, but this may change as these clips become more and more popular.