Super is supposed to be a big competition for Twitch. It is created by Facebook, so it may be dangerous to Amazon’s platform

Competition for Twitch, episode 1298778912. Super is to be a platform based on what Twitch users are looking for.

Twitch has not had any meaningful competition yet. This may change, but in 2022, no one thinks that anyone can even threaten Twitch if they just want to copy the Amazon’s platform.

That’s why Super is supposed to be something a bit different, at least that’s what the documentation found on the web shows. The platform is to be a place for creators of various types of online events – game shows, podcasts, etc. It makes sense and has potential because Twitch has not created any special tools for it.

This might be the way

Twitch users surely know all those game shows that are incredibly popular abroad. Super is supposed to be a place to create such initiatives.

Interestingly, at the moment, 100% of the advertising revenue goes directly to the creators. It will probably change, but this is what it looks like at this point. In addition, it is worth mentioning that people get several thousand dollars for testing Super alone.

The activities in which you can participate are, for example, surveys, quizzes, and a whole lot of Twitch solutions, i.e. subscriptions, emotes, etc. It seems to make sense because such podcasts and game shows could take place at ease there.