This highly anticipated fast travel marker in The Witcher 3 won’t be available right away

CDPR has complied with players’ requests, although the limitations of The Witcher’s mechanics mean it won’t be available right away.

Along with the new update, a highly anticipated new fast travel point will be introduced to The Witcher 3. After years, the developers agreed with the community that there should be an option for fast travel to the Crows Perch.

This has been implemented in an unusual way. Due to technical limitations, the sign will not be available from the very beginning. For its appearance, it is necessary to complete one of the quests.

New fast travel point

This signpost is a small, but very important improvement, which is already quite popular.

In order for the signpost to appear, the Blood Baron’s thread must be completed. Until then, we will constantly see a worker tiring of the signpost.