The Witcher with multiplayer, co-op and graphics that may resemble Fortnite

New information has appeared online regarding one of the Witchers to come in the future, and everyone interprets it as they wish.

The reference here is to The Witcher, which at this point is signed as The Witcher Project Sirius. CDPR has released job listings, from which a little can be inferred, but most are still just guesses.

In fact, everyone sees what they want here. For example, graphics straight out of Fortnite. CDPR only wrote that it will be “stylized graphics”.

What else?

All these guesses are taken from a post on Reddit, where one of the users specifically wrote the more interesting information:

That is, in a nutshell, it’s supposed to be an action game offering multiplayer, PvE, and co-op with various modes and activities. Sounds a bit like an online game. This is confirmed by further information, like different types of weapons or enemies.

In addition, there is a storyline. Also, the required experience in adventure games also may indicate that, in general, we are talking about something that will be something more than duels native to Fortnite.