CDPR is trolling The Witcher 3 players with the number 69. What happens when you set sensitivity to that number?

CDPR has introduced a lot of new features to The Witcher 3, including, of course, bugs. There are also various curiosities that are not easy to discover.

The Witcher 3 has undergone quite a refresh, and if one were to cast aside all the bugs, it promises to be a really interesting production. A lot of secrets and easter eggs have appeared in it. The most popular ones everyone already knows, but the secret in the setting remains “fresh”.

It turns out that the developers decided to make fun of the number 69. Whether mature or not – the joke caused and still causes a smile on streamers’ faces.

A bug, or was it done on purpose?

It seems that it was done on purpose. One of the streamers came up with the idea of setting the sensitivity to 0.69. She rather didn’t expect it to be impossible.


In the current state of The Witcher, one could suspect that this is the result of some weird glitch, but it’s not likely to be about that, but about the developers trolling. This has been seen by so many people that even if it is a glitch, it will probably stay in the game.