What basically small changes to The Sims 4 would make the gameplay much better?

There are many things missing from TS4, and players decided to name those that could significantly change the gameplay.

Even though The Sims 4 is considered the most popular and best life simulation in its category, the game from EA still lacks many aspects. Some are less needed, others more, but what is known is that there are a whole lot of ideas out there that could greatly improve the gameplay.

This is why every now and then thousands of posts are created on social media like Reddit or Twitter, encouraging discussion and sharing ideas for the game. It is also for this reason that players have been asking the developers for years to add various mechanics or objects that, despite the fact that they would require really little effort, sometimes could turn the game for the better

Players with ideas that could make a big difference

There are many entries on Reddit where players gather to discuss the game, criticize it, share original ideas, or just wonder what if. It was a few days ago that another post of this type was created on this website, but it was distinguished by the fact that the author asked players for ideas of really small changes that could be introduced, for example, in the next update.

What’s your biggest “little” wish for the Sims 4? I’m talking about a small change, that could come in a free update, but would make the world of difference to you.

For me, it would be customisable lifespans. I don’t think this would be a huge effort from the Sims team to introduce. Normal lifespan is too short for me – my Sims can’t do everything I had planned for them in that time. So I play long lifespan, but it is so ridiculously stupidly long that I get bored and rarely make it to generation 2. I know there are mods for this, but I don’t use them, and just think this would be amazing if they introduced it to the game and let me have somewhere in between!

Interestingly, other players have thought about it before, and this is not the first time someone has proposed such a change in The Sims 4. It seems that sometimes this option can be really problematic.

I agree – I’d specifically make either the adult or elder stage longer because too many of them die when their kids are still teens and they don’t get to see their grandchildren grow up.

The most popular idea under this entry was the one that proposes a revolution in the system of relationships and contacts.

More varied relationships. Like I wish sim A could be like super in love with sim B but sim B hate sim A it would so great for story telling. Just like the ability for Sims to feel differently about each other.

That and better family tree and labels like cousins aren’t even recognized and grandparents are just barely.

It is true that the relations in The Sims 4 are very limited and in theory it would seem that the change does not require much effort, but in fact creating such a code is actually very complicated and time-consuming. It is very possible, however, that the creators will want to work on it in the future, if they don’t already do it.

Other player ideas were also about Sims’ attraction, but they were pulled straight from the previous series and certainly easier to implement.

I want the attraction system, like we had in Sims 2. I really wish my sims could tell me who catches their eye.

The attractiveness system seems to be a really interesting idea for The Sims 4. After the second installment of this title, you can see that players liked this option, and creating it does not seem to be laborious. If a complete revolution of the relationship system in TS4 was impossible for the creators, this option would certainly please the players and would be a good replacement.

Many players also dreamed of creating outfits that they could permanently save in Create A Sim.

I would like to be able to make pre-made outfits that I could come back to when in CAS. I would also like to have the townies age up into random pre-made outfits. Majority of my gameplay time is me updating townie households. I hate it when I’m on a community lot or during a party and the unplayable sims have really bad outfits on.

Under the author’s post, you can read a lot of different ideas for small changes that could turn the game upside down. Other popular concepts that would work in The Sims 4:

  • Opening/closing windows and covering windows with curtains.
  • The Layer System of Clothes in the Life Mode.
  • Credit/Loan System.
  • More skin details – body hair, acne problems in teenagers, etc.
  • Various dance styles – bold/shy, fast/slow.
  • Fixed timing of activities (some take too much time).

Many of these ideas seem to be really good and would surely please any player. It just goes to show that sometimes it doesn’t take huge updates to keep players happy as they’d rather get a few smaller but relatively important game pieces.