What if Squid Game was set in The Sims 4 universe? The players did their best

The Sims 4 players can create anything. What if the Squid Game universe was embedded in the game?

Squid Game, as you know, is recently one of the most popular Netflix series in the world. Despite the fact that the production was released almost a month ago, it already breaks all viewership records, and people create various types of cosplay or other creations about the series.

The Sims 4 community also could not miss such an opportunity and now you can find a whole bunch of modifications or elements from the TS4 Gallery that can spice up our gameplay with completely new ideas, namely create your own version of Squid Game in The Sims universe.

Squid Game in The Sims 4

The Sims community has the ability to create almost anything. Starting with ordinary, spectacular parcels in which every Sim would like to live, and ending with various modifications that can turn the game upside down.

For this reason, no one should be surprised that sooner or later players started to share their projects from the most popular series of last month.

The first and probably the most important question is how to make our sim look like a Squid Game player? The easiest way is to download Custom Content, thanks to which we will get outfits as if straight from the series.

  • The player’s plain, unbuttoned sweatshirt – CLICK
  • Combinations of players’ full outfits and masked men in red overalls – CLICK
  • Girl’s dress from the game “Red, green” – CLICK

Of course, outfits are not everything. Apart from them, the place where our game takes place is also important. This is where the community comes to the rescue, and unlike the outfits that used to be Custom Content, you don’t need to download any mods for the parcels anymore – you can find everything in The Sims 4 Gallery or build it yourself, which can also be fun.

For the more lazy ones, however, we have prepared a few suggestions straight from the Gallery.

  • The multi-story Squid Game arena, which has all the rooms from the series – CLICK

  • Another version of the arena – CLICK
  • An underground version of the arena – CLICK
  • Arena from the game “Red, green” – CLICK

Interestingly, the creativity of the Simmers also extends to creating a room with twisted stairs straight from the series. Admittedly, they are impressive even in The Sims 4.

  • Room with stairs – CLICK
  • Another version of the stairs – CLICK