Unusual alarm clock in the “Squid Game” style. The reason why it’s better to wake up ahead of time

Fans of the recently extremely popular series decided to create a rather scary alarm clock.

Squid Game is a South Korean series that premiered quite recently, on September 17, 2021. Despite the fact that it has not been a month since the release of the first episode, the production from Netflix has already won the hearts of viewers around the world.

For this reason, you can see a lot of posts or articles about a given series in recent times in social media. At this point, it can already be admitted that the production has become one of the best released this year and it is not surprising. Fans around the world have come to love the South Korean series.

An alarm clock that may scare you

Despite the fact that the premiere of the series took place less than a month ago, it is completely buzzing on social media. Squid Game fans boast of their ingenuity, creating cosplay, memes, or various gadgets taken straight from the series.

One fan decided to go a little further and create a gadget based on the first game that Squid Game actors played. It is about the game “Red, Green” and a mechanical girl, whose task was to eliminate moving players. On this basis, the design of an alarm clock was created, which turned on in the middle of the night can be quite scary.


The author of the project is a user with the nickname gaspar.3d, who is a designer from Chile and creates graphics in 3D. The alarm clock was created in cooperation with nanvo, an internet developer who creates movies on a daily basis. Such a combo made the situation from the movie seem very much real, and many fans of the series made it clear that watching it gave them shivers of terror.

As it turns out, the alarm clock is only a project and will not be made available for sale, as Gaspar clearly communicates on his social media. Maybe that was a good thing, seeing how much such an alarm clock in the middle of the night would scare you.