The best Squid Game recreation using the Unreal Engine. Players are waiting for multiplayer

Squid Game has tremendous potential when it comes to computer games. This is perfectly shown by Roblox, Fortnite, or Minecraft.

During the last dozen or so days, a whole bunch of better and worse versions of Squid Game have been created, transferred directly to the world of games. Most attempts are rather average, although there are also some gems.

The potential is huge, if someone manages to create a working multiplayer with all modes recreated, it could definitely be the next hit. Proof of this is, for example, the created game “Red, Green” on the Unreal Engine.

What does it look like?

Most versions of the Squid Game are “cute” with cute characters where blood just doesn’t exist. This is not the case with “saas_dev”. Here you can actually imagine what it might look like in the future, when the project is refined with skins or the mentioned multiplayer mode.


Something like this has great potential not only because of the Squid Game itself, but the overall formula that is compared to Fall Guys, for example. Already, these modes are referred to as “Fall Guys for adults” and it is not surprising.

The rules are similar except that elimination occurs in different ways. Here players just end their lives, in Fall Guys they are eliminated.