Sons Of The Forest introduces a highly anticipated update that makes a huge improvement

The developers of Sons Of The Forest are very quick to respond to the voices of the community, and so a new update has arrived for the game.

Sons Of The Forest has unquestionably become one of the top games currently being played on Steam. The developers know they can’t waste such an opportunity and are already rolling out another patch. This time it adds something that many people have been asking for.

It is specifically about keybinds. The developers themselves write about it as a small update, even a hotfix, but it is certainly one of the more important updates.

Hotkey system in Sons Of The Forest

Hotkeys will allow you to move quickly, especially through your inventory. Now every item can be assigned to itself freely.

When you go to the inventory, there is now an option to assign keys. This is very intuitive:

Keyboard shortcuts will greatly affect the comfort of gameplay, changing items becomes incredibly easy at this point.