Has work resumed on Red Dead Redemption Remastered? There’s a new leak

Gamers have spotted a detail that may suggest that Red Dead Redemption will be released in a new version.

A remaster of the first part of Red Dead Redemption has been talked about for a good few years. The first rumors about it appeared back in 2018 when Rockstar released RDR2.

Now more leaks have emerged that could suggest the actual release of a refreshed version of Red Dead. What is known?

RDR Remaster version will actually come out?

There’s no denying that many people have been waiting for this for a long time for some news regarding this matter. And while Rockstar never announced anything, or even confirmed that the remasters for RDR 1 and GTA 4 had been canceled, the project may have been revived, as indicated by new leaks.

A few days ago, it was noted that the Age Classification Authority in South Korea has granted a new age classification for Red Dead Redemption. From now on, it will reportedly be “inaccessible to minors.”

In addition, other media outlets have reported that the age rating changes will reportedly apply to the console version of the game, not the PC. And this is another clue.

Rockstar accedes to the fact that it is not working on anything else at the moment, but is putting all its energies into GTA 6. And knowing Rockstar – even if there was something to the Red Dead remaster, the developers will not admit it so easily. However, there is a possibility that the developers have returned to the project.