Roblox will be a game for adults. New regulations allow doing such things

According to unofficial information, Roblox is changing its rules and regulations, opening up to more adult activities.

While Roblox tends to be associated with content for younger people, this will not be so at all after the change in regulations. Unofficially, the developers are to change their approach to certain behaviors that are currently prohibited.

The production is thus opening up to older people, who until now have been pretty much blocked when it comes to entertainment. On the other hand, few people expected that at least drinking would be allowed in Roblox.

What is changing?

Roblox is to allow 4 new things. These will be:

  • profanity,
  • romantic relationships/dating,
  • gambling – naturally, the virtual one of a simulator nature,
  • references to alcohol and its use.

The date of implementation of the changes is not known, but it can be guessed that we are talking about a rather short term. The world reacts very differently to these reports, with some rejoicing and others massively criticizing the developers for their approach to their production.