“Courage the Cowardly Dog” but in The Sims 4? The player recreated the characters and the house from the cult animation

What would Courage’s family look like directly in The Sims 4? One of the players shows that.

The Sims series is known for being a typical life simulator that allows you to do everything you want. The game offers many possibilities not only when it comes to the appearance of our sims but also for the way we play.

It often happens that TS4 players not only create their dream homes and play the perfect game, but also recreate their favorite characters from animations or series. This is what happened in this case, and here is the result of the work of one of the Simmers.

Courage in The Sims 4

Reddit is famous for the fact that people often boast about their unique projects, concepts, ideas, and even challenges. For some, it is a kind of diary in which one describes their adventures in the sim world, and everyone else has access to it. It was there that a user with the nickname GalacticGxddess shared with others her work, on which she recently spent her time.

The girl decided to recreate the heroes of one of the cult animations of our childhood, i.e. Courage – the cowardly dog. Simomaniac decided to create not only the title dog – Courage – including its owners – Eustace and Muriel, but also recreate the entire family house that appears in the animation.

The similarity is clearly visible at first glance and it is immediately clear which animation and characters it is about, which was confirmed by all commenters on the post. Interestingly, the GalacticGxddess project delighted others not only because of its similarity but also because for many players the animation is a great, nostalgic memory. As a result, under the user’s entry, various conversations about the animation arose, bringing back a lot of memories for some.