This Pokemon GO player hatched 108 eggs over a week. Unfortunately, it turned out that…

This Pokemon GO fan showed that you can have really huge bad luck.

There is a lot of diverse content in Pokemon GO. The developers regularly add new creatures, which can be obtained whether by catching them in the wild, fighting in raids, or after they hatch from an egg. Unfortunately, in the case of eggs, what you get from them is random, and you never really know if a particular egg will turn out to be lucky. RNG can be unforgiving, and Niantic doesn’t make things easy and adds Pokémon that have a chance of hatching of about 1% (see: The chance of hatching this Pokemon from an egg in Pokemon GO is frighteningly low. It amounts to only…).

One player spent a very active week and walked more than 50 kilometers, hatching more than 100 eggs in the process. His disappointment was immense when he looked at what had hatched from them.

More than 100 unlucky eggs

A post appeared on Pokemon GO’s Reddit in which the author lamented that he had had enough. What exactly happened? It turned out that the player was really unlucky. Over the past week, he hatched more than 100 different eggs and walked more than 50 kilometers. This is a really good result, as it adds up to more than 7 kilometers of walking a day.

100 eggs sound like a lot of interesting creatures. This time it was not the case. According to the author of the entry, the Pokemon that hatched were completely useless.

From the description of the photo, one can read that only one Larvesta was hatched, there was completely nothing in the shiny version and everything that hatched was not worth keeping in the account.

At the end of the post, the player announced: Niantic has won, I give up.

The topic of how hard it is to get new Pokemon species has resurfaced. The community says that how rarely Larvesta hatch from eggs is a simple joke. For some, hatching it is associated with tiring work rather than fun.

Posts like this also show that after a few or even a dozen hatched eggs that turned out to be quite weak, there’s no need to break down, because it’s still not such a bad situation.

It’s hard to imagine what the player described above actually felt.