This message torments Pokemon GO players – “It appears every time I turn on the game”

The Pokemon GO community is reporting that some people are feeling harassed by a certain notification.

Various bugs and glitches regularly appear in the game from Niantic. Some of them are funny, causing players to upload screenshots of the game to the Internet and create funny captions for them. Other bugs, unfortunately, are no longer so fun, as they can effectively hinder gameplay.

This time, however, it’s not about a bug in GO Battle League, raids, Gyms, completing tasks, or receiving rewards. It’s about a certain notification that appears for many players and no one knows how to get rid of it.

“New reply from support”.

The topic of a strange notification that “plagues” Pokemon GO players has been raised on Reddit. It turns out that many people are experiencing the constant appearance of a certain message. In some, it is visible immediately after launching the game.

One fan shared a screenshot showing that he got a notification about a “new reply from support.”

The author of the post stated that the notification pops up every time he turns on the game. Clicking the notification and checking the alleged new message does not change anything.

Quite a few people contributed in the comments under the post. From their statements, it seems that more than one player has had to deal with this strange message.

One Reddit user wrote that he first encountered this bug late last week. Someone else stated that he had seen the glitch as early as that year. Unfortunately, it turns out that it keeps recurring. Sometimes something makes the message disappear and everything returns to normal, but no one is sure what needs to be done to get rid of it for good.

Several people have commented that they regularly report this error to support. However, this does not help to combat it, and it is unclear what can be done to prevent the message from being displayed again.

Some have come up with theories that the bug has returned with a new event in the game. This is not confirmed, of course, and could be a mere coincidence.