Everything you need to know about weather bonuses in Pokemon GO. Types of weather

How exactly do weather-dependent bonuses work in Pokemon GO?

Many new Pokemon GO players do not pay attention to the bonuses related to the weather, which currently prevails in the real world. In the game, real-world weather conditions translate into various boosts, which are not always as obvious as you might think.

Different weather gives different bonuses and affects different types of creatures. It’s worth taking an interest in this as it not only speeds up Stardust gathering, but also brings other benefits.

Weather in Pokemon GO

Real-world weather influences what happens in the game. Whether it’s currently dark, rainy, snowy, or maybe the sun is shining, not only changes the appearance of the surroundings on the screen but also Pokemon and their strength are changed.

Below is an example of the various weather effects in the game:

As you can see, the difference is quite big and the developers try to make the effects better and better every year.

Currently, there are 8 weather types that affect other Pokemon species.

Symbol Weather type Affected species
Clear  Grass, Ground, Fire
Cloudy  Fairy, Fighting, Poison
Fog  Dark, Ghost
Snow  Ice, Steel
Sunny  Grass, Ground, Fire
Party Cloudy Normal, Rock
Rainy Water, Electric, Bug
Windy Dragon, Flying, Psychic

Since it is already known that weather changes affect specific Pokemon species, it is worth taking a look at specific bonuses. In addition to changes in the environment, the weather:

  • increases the frequency of some species appearing in the wild,
  • Increases the CP of some Wild and raid Pokémon
  • increases the effectiveness of some Pokemon in combat,
  • Increases the amount of Stardust gained when catching a specific type of Pokemon (125 instead of 100).

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How can you check what bonus in battle will be received by Pokemon, which type is related to the current weather? It is enough to enter information about a given creature. Next to his attack value, you can see additional numbers that represent a weather boost.

It is worth knowing that the weather functions in the game do not work perfectly and it sometimes happens that the game misinterprets the conditions from the real world. However, catching creatures that have a weather boost is quite profitable, especially if you want to collect a large amount of Stardust.