Bugged Slugma in Pokemon GO. Gamers love its appearance and want it to stay in the game forever

A strange bug in Pokemon GO is making Slugma look different than it should.

The Mountains of Power event is currently running in Pokemon GO, which started on January 7, 2022, and will last until Thursday, January 13 (for more information, see: The Mountains of Power event in Pokemon GO is starting today. What do you need to know?).

A lot of news appeared in the game on the occasion of the event, including the brand new Mega Evolution – Mega Aerodactyl, and players can get Shiny Slugma from the start of the event. However, there was a problem with this little fire Pokemon.

Bugged Slugma in Pokemon GO

Slugma is a fire-type creature introduced in Generation II. His body is limbless and composed of magma. It evolves into Magcargo.

The Shiny version of Slugma moves away from a warm, red-orange shade in favor of a gray that can be associated with ash. Some players are not able to see the Slugma color as a result of an error. Instead of the correct color, the creature is black, which makes it look like it is made of tar.

Comparison of the basic appearance of Slugma and shiny version:

Not all players knew that the shiny version is gray, so when they experienced the bug, many said that this is what this Pokemon should look like and they are lucky because they found a “unique copy”.

One player posted an entry on Reddit boasting that he had caught the “rarest version of shiny” and showed a screen where his Slugma is black.

Many commenters found the “new” creature color really interesting and said that this is what the official shiny version should look like, as gray seems boring. This bugged Slugma reminded them of tar or coal, and her large yellowish eyes contrasted well with the rest of her body.

More ignorant players have been fooled that Niantic actually changed the Pokemon and the black version is not the result of a bug. There were even requests to induce such a color change.

Unfortunately, the truth is that this is a bug and it will probably be fixed in the next update. The error does not occur to everyone, and many people may never find it.

The chance that the developers will convert the existing version to another is also slim, because – as you know – Pokemon colors are not created for the mobile version, but what appeared in the console editions many years ago is used.