Enormous luck of the Pokemon Go player. For some reason, an unimaginable number of Pokemon appear in his house

One of the Pokemon trainers has reported that his house has become a hotspot and is being besieged by various creatures.

Virtually every Pokemon GO player has days when he does not want to go out for a long walk but would like to catch a few creatures. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky and lives in the city center, where PokeStops/Gyms are within easy reach and you can use them without leaving your room.

In smaller towns or villages, players do not enjoy a large selection of Pokemon that appear at their homes. Sometimes it is a single creature, sometimes a smaller group. It is difficult to talk about any choice here.

It turns out, however, that there are some exceptions and sometimes quite accidentally, the house of one of the players is a place that attracts incredible amounts of creatures.

A huge group of Pokemon

One of the players shared a screenshot with the community showing a huge group of creatures surrounding his character. There are so many Pokemon that it is hard to count them and probably some overlap the models of others, making it difficult to click on a specific one.

The player said:

I live in the middle of nowhere but for some reason my house is an insane hotspot for Pokémon. Does anyone know why?

Commentators felt that this was perhaps a one-off bug, triggered by last year’s Spotlight Hour, which was related to Cubchoo. The player, however, denied it, showing screenshots and proving that a similar situation also takes place on other days. This is what the neighborhood of his house looked like at the time of replying to the comments:

Commentators joked that the game noticed a lonely player and felt sorry for him, then sent all Pokemon from the area to his house.

Others argued that there was no point in looking for errors or any sense in such behavior in creatures. In their opinion, the author of the post should be glad that he was “chosen”, because many players would like to be in his place.