What is the chance of getting Shiny versions with specific types of Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Graphics have been prepared that show the chance to get shiny versions with different groups of Pokemon.

The shiny version of the creature in the Pokemon series is nothing more than a collector’s item, which also pleases the player’s eye. Shiny Pokemon have been present in pocket game games for many years, so their presence in a mobile title is no surprise to anyone.

Players who have played on consoles before probably know that getting some versions of shiny is really difficult and it is not uncommon that the biggest fans hunt for such Pokemon for months. Sometimes lucky people find shinies completely by accident, but it usually requires a lot of effort and sometimes even hundreds of attempts.

However, not everyone knows that the chance of catching a shiny Pokemon depends on what type this particular creature is. How are the specific values presented?

The chance of getting shiny in Pokemon GO

Virtually every Pokemon GO player knows that creatures can be divided into certain categories. The title of Niantic will include regular Pokemon that can be found during daily walks, event creatures, Community Day heroes, legendary Pokemon that never appear in the wild, or Mega Evolutions that change the appearance of the creature for a specified period and give it a stat boost.

There are many Pokemon categories and each has its own chance of encountering the shiny versions.

Shiny Absol

Without looking at specific numerical values, it can be estimated that the least chance of meeting a shiny creature is common Pokemon, which appear in large numbers in the wild regardless of the region or season of the year.

The opposite is true for those species associated with the event or not found in the wild. Event creatures very often have a boost to finding the shiny version and, for example, theoretically, 1 in 25 creatures of the category that is the hero of Community Day should appear in a shiny version.

Here’s what the odds are in the different categories:

As you can see, the differences can be really big. Of course, this does not mean that, for example, in the case of legendary raids, every twentieth enemy will always have a shiny version of the Pokemon. It all depends on the luck of the player. On the Internet, you can find people who boast about dozens of shinies, but there are also those who, after hundreds of attempts, still have not found their beloved shiny version.