Community Day Classic in Pokemon GO – what is it? When will it take place?

The makers of Pokemon GO have announced a new event called Community Day Classic. What is it about?

Community Day is a well-known monthly in-game event. Fans from all over the world have fun during the several hours of the event, which is always focused on a specific creature. The game comes with various bonuses, tasks, and other attractions, both free and paid.

Yesterday it was announced that the Community Day Classic will go to Pokemon GO. What is? Is this a new version of the famous Community Day?

Community Day Classic: Bulbasaur

The creators of Pokemon GO decided to go back to the roots and what made the game so famous. Most trainers know the iconic creatures of the first generation – Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Community Day Classic is to allow new players to get to know one of them and feel like others felt a few years ago when Pokemon GO was just entering the market. Old people will also find something for themselves – not only will they be able to make use of the bonuses, but they will also feel the return of good memories.

Classic Community Day will not replace the ordinary one (it is worth remembering that it is already planned for January – The January Community Day preview in Pokemon GO. What Pokemon will appear?), But it will be an additional event on a different date.

It is also not known whether Community Day Classic will be introduced to the game permanently. Perhaps it is a one-off event or it will appear from time to time.

Community Day Classic: Bulbasaur will take place on January 22 (Saturday) and will run from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The following attractions will appear in the game:

  • Bulbasaur will spawn more frequently in the wild. Anyone who is lucky will find the shiny version.
  • Ivysaur (Bulbasaur Evolution) evolved during or up to 2 hours after the event will give Venusaur that knows the Frenzy Plant attack.
  • Special Research will be available for ticket holders.
  • A free bundle will appear in the store, which will contain 30 Ultra Balls.
  • After taking the photo, there will be some surprises.
  • A box for 1280 PokeCoins will be available in the store, which will contain:
    • 50 x Ultra Ball,
    • 5 x Lucky Egg,
    • 5 x Star Piece,
    • 1 x Elite Charged TM.

The following bonuses will be active:

  • Triple XP for catching Pokemon.
  • The Lure Module activated during the event will last 3 hours.
  • Incense activated during the event will last 3 hours.

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Bulbasaur’s appearance, its evolution, and comparison with shiny versions: