Announcements of the new season in Pokemon GO. What is it called? When will it launch?

The developers of Pokemon GO have revealed the name of the new season and a brief teaser.

Virtually every fan of the mobile game from Niantic knows that the current season called Rising Heroes is coming to an end. This one does not have a very good reputation at the moment, as it is associated by players with a mass of bugs and strange decisions on the part of the developers (see: Rising Heroes is the worst season to date? What are Pokemon GO fans criticizing it for?).

The community hopes that the new season is also a “new beginning.” Not only in terms of attractions, events, or new creatures but also in terms of the overall feeling of the game or fans’ contact with the creators. Today it is already known what season 11 is called and when exactly it will hit the game.

Season 11: Hidden Gems in Pokemon GO.

A short video has been shared on Pokemon GO’s social profiles, announcing the new season. You can see from it that it will be focused on vacations and the summer climate. Nothing surprising about that – after all, summer is about to start soon.

The name of the eleventh season is Hidden Gems, and it will premiere on Thursday, June 1, 2023.


The animated teaser itself or the season logo alone is a bit too little to judge whether this one will be a success. Quite a few people, however, are positive about it, even if they have been complaining heavily about the game from Niantic over the past months.

There are also those who take a cool approach to the news and admit that they will return to regular play only when an actually interesting event is announced that is not a repeat of what has been done many times before.