Rising Heroes is the worst season to date? What are Pokemon GO fans criticizing it for?

The Pokemon GO game community says that the current season has fared extremely badly.

Currently, Pokemon GO is running season 10 called Rising Heroes. Players can enjoy the last days of this event, as the next season will start on June 1.

Why is the current one so heavily criticized? According to some, it is not just bad, but actually the worst compared to the previous nine. Why do fans think it’s so bad?

Low reviews of the current season

It’s safe to say that the past months in Pokemon GO have not been among the best. Fans regularly expressed their dissatisfaction with numerous bugs or controversial changes in the game. A great example is the drama over Remote Raid Passes, which dragged on for weeks.

Recently, a meme appeared on Reddit, captioned with the words: Rising Heroes has got to be one of the worst seasons in Pokemon Go yet.

The graphic presented some of the most important complaints from fans against the developers of the game. Among them were, of course, paid events (the price of which did not correspond to the quality), nerfs of Remote Raid passes, or excessive bugs, appearing at virtually every turn.

Other things that the community did not like were mentioned in the comments. Of course, everyone has a different point of view, so players pointed out different elements of the current season. For some, the most depressing thing was the boring events, for others the fact that the new Pokemon – Larvesta – had about a 1% chance of hatching from an egg (and this was the only way to get it – The chance of hatching this Pokemon from an egg in Pokemon GO is frighteningly low. It amounts to only…).

Just because the current season is performing really poorly, and the game is getting a lot of negative comments mainly on Reddit or Twitter, doesn’t mean that there are no people who like Rising Heroes. The biggest fans have tried to find at least some positives. Quite a few people also believe that the next season, which will start as early as June 1, will be much better. Will it actually be so? We will find out soon.