Niantic’s big slip-up on Instagram. Pokemon GO fans mock the new graphic promoting the event

Pokemon Go players are making fun of Niantic after a horribly designed infographic about new raids was published on Instagram.

Recently, Pokemon GO developers announced a new type of raids, namely Shadow Raids. Their release is tied to an event that focuses on Team GO Rocket. Some players were really excited about this, as it was hoped that the new raids would bring some freshness to the title.

It turns out that the people in charge of running Pokemon GO’s social media were also heavily agitated or just in a big hurry, as a post with a bizarre graphic appeared on Instagram. What was on it?

Pokemon GO graphic designers’ slip-up

A post appeared on an Instagram associated with the game that was said to announce the introduction of Shadow Raids. At first glance, there was nothing strange about it, but the longer fans looked at the posted graphic, the more surprised they were that the graphic was approved and published.

Now the entry has been removed, but some players managed to save it. Therefore, screenshots of it quickly appeared, for example, on Reddit. One of the people who immortalized it wrote:

The official Pokémon go account posted this infographic, and not only is the quality extremely bad but they also have a random out of place ponyta and pinsir covering information.

For some reason, the infographic features models of Galarian Ponyta and Mega Pinsir, both of which appear to have been pasted in really haphazardly. The whole thing is not only of tragic quality but also contains a mass of typos that have been spotted by vigilant players.

When you look closely, you can also see randomly placed markings of shiny Pokemon. The same goes for the text “if you’re lucky, you may find a Shiny one!”, for example, which overlaps the poses of the avatars located in the bottom corner.

The community joked that the graphics looked as if someone was just learning how to use Photoshop and didn’t know too much about what they were actually doing. Some maliciously caught on that Niantic can’t hire decent graphic designers.

It’s not clear what really caused such a slip-up. Why did the infographic have so many random errors? Yes, as it was mentioned, the post was deleted, after which a corrected image was inserted, but as players report – a few minor mistakes can be found there as well.